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Package oolong - Oolong

oolong / oolong

Package oolong


Name Summary
(common) Dispatch Dispatches a message to the runtimetypealias Dispatch<Msg> = (msg: Msg) ->Unit
(common) Dispose Stops the function and cleans up resourcestypealias Dispose = () ->Unit
(common) Effect Runs a side-effect away from the runtimetypealias Effect<Msg> = suspend CoroutineScope.(dispatch:Dispatch<Msg>) ->Any?
(common) Init Creates an initial state and side-effectstypealias Init<Model, Msg> = () ->Next<Model, Msg>
(common) Next A pair of the next state and side-effectstypealias Next<Model, Msg> =Pair<Model,Effect<Msg>>
(common) Oolong Oolong runtime module.object Oolong
(common) Render Renders the view propertiestypealias Render<Msg, Props> = (props: Props, dispatch:Dispatch<Msg>) ->Any?
(common) Update Creates a next state and side-effects from a message and current statetypealias Update<Model, Msg> = (msg: Msg, model: Model) ->Next<Model, Msg>
(common) View Creates view properties from the current statetypealias View<Model, Props> = (model: Model) -> Props


Name Summary
(common) effect Effect builder <Msg :Any> effect(block:Effect<Msg>):Effect<Msg>
(common) init Init builder <Model :Any, Msg :Any> init(block:Init<Model, Msg>):Init<Model, Msg>
(common) render Render builder <Props :Any, Msg :Any> render(block:Render<Props, Msg>):Render<Props, Msg>
(common) update Update builder <Model :Any, Msg :Any> update(block:Update<Model, Msg>):Update<Model, Msg>
(common) view View builder <Model :Any, Props :Any> view(block:View<Model, Props>):View<Model, Props>