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Package oolong.effect - Oolong

oolong / oolong.effect

Package oolong.effect


Name Summary
(common) batch Compose a collection of Effect into a single <Msg :Any> batch(vararg effects:Effect<Msg>):Effect<Msg>
fun <Msg :Any> batch(effects:Iterable<Effect<Msg>>):Effect<Msg>
(common) disposableEffect Create a Pair of Effect and <Msg :Any> disposableEffect(effect:Effect<Msg>):Pair<Effect<Msg>,Dispose>
(common) map Map from Effect of A to Effect of Bfun <A :Any, B :Any> map(effect:Effect<A>, f: (A) -> B):Effect<B>
(common) none Create an empty <Msg :Any> none():Effect<Msg>