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oolong / oolong.dispatch / contramap


(common) fun <A :Any, B :Any> contramap(dispatch:Dispatch<A>, f: (B) -> A):Dispatch<B> (source)

Contramap from Dispatch of A to Dispatch of B

contramap can be used to map a dispatch function from a parent Msg to a child Msg. A typical use for contramap is compositional screen management.


sealed class Props {
    data class Home(val props: HomeProps): Props()
    data class Settings(val props: SettingsProps): Props()

sealed class Msg {
    data class Home(val msg: HomeMsg) : Msg()
    data class Settings(val msg: SettingsMsg) : Msg()

val render: Render<Msg, Props> = { props: Props, dispatch: Dispatch<Msg> ->
    when (props) {
        is Props.Home -> {
            homeRender(props.props, contramap(dispatch, Msg::Home))
        is Props.Settings -> {
            settingsRender(props.props, contramap(dispatch, Msg::Settings))